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Cat Breed Spotlight: The Ocicat

Fri, Jul 27, 2018
Have you ever dreamed of having a wild cat as your feline companion just like He-Man or princess Jasmine? Well, this is the closest thing you’ll get in becoming the next Master of the … View full article→

The Feline Language

Fri, Jul 6, 2018
Cats are one of the most common household pets. They are beautiful, affectionate, playful, snuggly, and even though they often like to be pampered, they can also be extremely territorial. … View full article→

The Stunning Spotted Mist

Wed, Jul 4, 2018
Out of all the beautiful cat breeds in this world, there is one that for me is special and the most aesthetically pleasing. This line of feline brought about the balance of cats in their … View full article→

The Myth of Nine Lives

Mon, Jul 2, 2018
Cats were been part of our lives and history way back from the Egyptian Regime. They were once considered or worshiped as one of the gods. Until today, we still live together with them, … View full article→

Cat Breed Spotlight: The Korat

Fri, Jun 29, 2018
KYC: ”Know Your Cat” Ahh, Lady Luck in a feline form? Sign me up for that! When you have a Korat cat around, you don’t need a rabbit’s foot or a golden Feng Shui waiving cat … View full article→

Cat Exercise

Wed, Jun 27, 2018
Cats, like humans and dogs, need exercise to stay healthy and fit. Though your kitty may enjoy lounging in a sunny spot on the carpet, she should be getting regular exercise every day. There … View full article→

Cat Breed Spotlight: The Cymric

Mon, Jun 25, 2018
KYC: “Know Your Cat” I know what you are thinking, “This cat has no tail? ha!” or “That cat looks weird without a tail”, but you are not mistaken, this cat has … View full article→

Cat Breed Spotlight: The Siberian

Fri, Jun 22, 2018
KYC: “Know Your Cat” A glamorous native cat from the cold remote regions of northern Russia and built to tread the snowy forested area with a subarctic climate that no doubt contributed to … View full article→

Cat Breed Spotlight: The Chartreux

Wed, Jun 20, 2018
KYC: “Know Your Cat” Chartreux are fond of going into your lap every time you sit down. The smiling Chartreux are always showy with their fondness and highly affectionate, usually following … View full article→


Mon, Jun 18, 2018
People often asked me why I love cats so much – well I just do. I have always been drawn to them, although I can’t really explain it, I feel it instead. There’s always positive energy when … View full article→

Your Cat’s Scratching Nature

Fri, Jun 15, 2018
Why do cats scratch anything and everything? Have you ever wondered why they behave in such manner? Scratching is actually natural with cats. It’s one of their primal and instinctual urges. … View full article→

Does Your House Cat Need Another Feline Friend?

Wed, Jun 13, 2018
As a cat parent, sometimes we wonder if our pet is happy on their own or do they need someone to share their world with. Just like us humans, our pet cats have feelings and we just need to … View full article→

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