13 Signs That Your Cat Loves You

February 5, 2018

13 Signs That Your Cat Loves You

By David Cruwys

Cat lovers like to think that their feline pet loves them as much as they love it. However, while it’s wonderful to assume that this is the case, it’s always best to be sure.

You don’t want to be in a situation where you believe that your cat has affectionate feelings towards you when it doesn’t. It’s always best to address the problems in your relationship if there are any as early as possible even if it takes buying as many unique cat products as possible.

By doing so, you can form a closer bond with your little kitty.

Luckily, pet experts have managed to identify telling signs that can tell you if your cat loves you or not. Going through them should give you a good idea if you need to work on your connection or if you’re already the best cat parent in the world.

Kitty Love

Contrary to what a lot of people think (including more than a few cat owners), domestic felines show affection all the time. They might not do it in ways that are commonly understood, which is why so many mistakenly believe that cats are uncaring pets.

As to how you can tell if they are showing affection, the following signs are usually reliable indicators that you’re in a good place with your cat:


Bunting or just light head-butting might not be an obvious sign of love coming from humans or anything else, but from a cat, you can take it as such. This is basically the cat’s way of depositing its scent or pheromones on you, marking you as someone to be trusted. Cats are quite similar to dogs in that they place a special emphasis on scent and use it for certain indications.

While bunting, your cat might also rub it head against yours. Take this as an opportunity to show how much you care by returning the same gesture.


Whenever you catch your cat purring deeply as it sits beside you or on your lap or just anywhere near you, this means that it is happy to be around you. This is the kind of purr where almost its entire body starts vibrating because of how powerful and deep the sound is.

If it’s purring the deep kind of purr, you can feel satisfied in knowing that it views you with a high level of affection. At that point, you might want to add some more treats to your cat supplies list the next time you go shopping.

Nips Or Light Bites

If your cat likes to nip at your heels, leg, arm, or fingers, this is a sign of playfulness that could even be consider courtship. Don’t worry, there’s nothing creepy about that at all. This is basically just your cat’s way of actually showing how much they love you through actions.

Curvy Tails

Your cat’s tail is one of the best communication tool you can use at your disposal. You can tell a lot about how your cat is feeling when checking its tail, which is another way that you can tell if it loves you or not.

Seeing your cat’s tail curve into an S shape right at the tip as it walks towards you means that it does. You won’t see this all the time, but when you do, you’ll know what it means.

Stares Into Your Soul

If your cat suddenly approaches you and stares right into your eyes while blinking very slowly, it’s trying to tell you just how much it loves and trusts you. A cat will only ever do this with someone who has earned their affection through actions that it understands to be kind and good. If your little fur ball does this a lot, it means you’re doing a really good job being its parent.

Brings You Gifts

This is actually one of the most annoying and yet sweetest things about owning cats. If a cat loves you, it will often bring you gifts and those gifts can come in many forms. It could be a dead animal or it could be a toy.

To make sure that there’s a much higher chance that it’s going to be the latter, you’ll definitely want to make sure that stock up on cat toys. Look for those cool cat supplies that you want to get instead of anything icky. Don’t let them out of the house, either, so you won’t end up with bird corpses on your couch or something.

Kneading Your Leg Or Lap

When your cat repeatedly pushed its paws into your flesh as if it was kneading dough, this means that it views you as something of a mother figure. This is due to the fact that cats would knead their mother’s breasts as kittens to try and stimulate milk production. It’s meant to convey nostalgia on the part of the cat and the fact that it’s aimed at you is quite telling of its affection.

Showing Their Bellies

Cats are incredibly cautious creatures and will always be on guard with strangers or other animals by keeping low to the ground and hiding their bellies. So when you notice that your cat suddenly rolls on its back in front if you and shows you its belly, this means two things.

One is that it loves and trusts you enough to show you its most vulnerable spot. Two is that it wants to play, which you’ll naturally want to do.

Rubbing Against Your Leg

This one should be obvious if you’ve been a cat lover for a long time. Cats rub their bodies against you for pretty much the same reason as the head bunting action, but with a bit of a twist. It’s still to deposit their scent on you, but this time, it’s to stake a claim. Basically, they are showing how much they care about you by declaring that you are theirs. Maybe those cat stuff for cat lovers you bought are finally paying off?

Tailing You

If your cat is following you everywhere, this is a really good indication that they love you. Unless they are hungry, cats are generally aloof creatures if they don’t care about something. They only bestow their attention on things they consider to be worth their time. So if it simply can’t seem to get enough of you, you’re definitely doing something right.


If a cat has ever licked you, you’ll most likely already understand the rough, almost sandpaper feeling of their tongues. You should feel honored when they do this, however, since they only do it to their young or other cats they feel at ease with.

It’s even better if they lick your hair or ears. That’s when you know they really care about you.

Sleeping Beside You

Cats can be complicated creatures. If your cat sits on someone’s lap looking like one of those Egyptian statues where it’s upright and majestic, it’s not doing it to show affection. It’s doing it to annoy.

On the other hand, if your cat is sleeping soundly beside you or on your lap, this is a sign of trust.

It means that it sees you as someone worth letting their guard around and are thus capable of protecting them. This is even more of an honor if you have a TV or a computer in the house that offers more warmth than your body since they specifically chose you instead of those inanimate objects.

Not Scratching During Bath Time

Finally, and this one depends a lot on how you have been interacting with your cat, you know that your cat loves you if it doesn’t scratch you during bath time.

As most cat owners know, bathing is an incredibly delicate procedure that requires the absolute trust of your feline friend. If that trust isn’t there, get your ointment and bandages ready.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. 13 of the most telling signs that your cat truly loves you as much as you love it. If you have seen any or all of these signs coming from your cat, you’re absolutely doing a good job.

If your cat has only shown you a few of these signs, don’t worry. There are plenty of things you can do to increase their affection towards you and make sure that your bond is as strong as it can be. You could even shop for cat clothing accessories that could help make them more amenable towards you.

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