Feline Fine StayCATion at Cat Hotels

May 28, 2018

Feline Fine StayCATion at Cat Hotels

Cats have a reputation for being independent, which often leads people to believe that they’ll do just fine on their own when their guardians have to go away for a few days. As long as someone comes in and leaves fresh food and water, that’s all they need, right? Nothing could be further from the truth. Accidents happen. Cats could stop eating while their guardians are away, or become ill. They need more than just food and water to thrive – they need human interaction, and a chance to play.

Generally, there are two options for cat owners who have to travel: having a friend, neighbor or professional pet sitter come to the house, or boarding the cat at a boarding facility. Since cats dislike change.

Boarding can be a stressful experience. These facilities who wish to attract cat owners need to be aware of cats’ unique needs, and take measures to reduce stress for their feline guests.

Providing a low-stress environment for cats starts with the selection of the actual boarding facility. Cat owners need not to worry anymore!

Gone are the days of begging your friends and family to come over and feed “Kitty” while you’re on vacation or if you need to go on a business trip or just want to travel for pleasure, you might be wondering whether you should bring your pet with you or leave him at home.

Well, if either of these options make you worry too much, then you might want to try leaving your little one at a pet hotel.

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Cat hotel or condos should be spacious enough to accommodate separate areas for the cat’s litter box, food, and lounging areas. In order to minimize noise as well as stress, cat boarding areas should be separate from other animals’ boarding condos. Read more at Cat Boarding to learn more about what your preferred pet hotel should be.

Most cats will find the sound of barking dogs distressing. Should also be kept away from the main traffic flow of the facility.

Cats should not be able to see other cats from their cage or condo. Since cats are territorial animals, the sight of another cat can be stressful and cause aggression toward hotel staff and other cats in the facility.

Though some owners prefer accommodations that their pet may interact with other cats.

If a boarding facility provides common social areas for cats, it is critical to only allow cats from the same family into the area at the same time, and only if prior approval is obtained from the cat’s owner. These hotels have common areas, as well as individual cages, that’s thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between cats to minimize the potential for exposure to spread illness.

Even though some facility can be frightening for cats, especially those who have not been away from home before. Cats will need time to acclimate to a new environment. Most cats will adjust within two or three days. They may not eat much during the adjustment period, and it is critical that food intake is monitored closely.


Take a glimpse at some of your options for cat boarding while you’re on holiday - put your fur baby in one of these, and they may never want to come back home!

When pets are left to fend for themselves, they can become lonely and even mischievous. As such, you could end up with a torn up apartment or house.

These hotels aim to give your cat the best possible care and attention. You benefit from a hassle-free, all-inclusive stay for your cat – where food, water, heating, lighting (and of course plenty of cuddles) are all included. Your fur baby will have a large spacious pen, set in a secure location with a residential wildlife garden.

Your cat has also never been safer with 24 hour on-site supervision and security! If you have several cats and would like them to be housed together, some hotels can accommodate them also. Some suites have been tastefully decorated to top hotel standards and there are no bars or mesh, just glass doors and double glazed windows so all our furry guests have permanent visual stimulation.

Hotels are kept lovely and warm in the winter and stays cool in the hot summer months to bring comfort to your pets.

Boarding services were created with your cat’s safety and comfort in mind. They know how important your feline friend is to you, which is why these hotels offer a variety of amenities and plenty of personalized TLC so your cat can enjoy their stay.


They provide excellent grooming, accommodation and activities for your feline.

Cat hotels keep your pets entertained, give them enough play time and ensure that they are supervised round the clock. With the owner’s permission, they take your pets on supervised walks around the facility. They also have enclosed backyard that allows pets to get some outdoor fun! This means that you won’t have to worry about your pets leaving dirt on places that they shouldn’t be leaving it in.

Exercise aside, they also make sure that your pets stay clean while you are away. Some grooming services for cats, include nail cutting, brushing and other hygienic necessities.
Provide opportunities for exploration. Keeping cats from getting bored, our furry friends love discovering new places and objects. These hotels take advantage of this trait by leaving out things your kitty can explore. Paper shopping bags and cardboard boxes are simple, everyday things you can use. Want to know what are the benefits of your being in a pet hotel? Just visit Cat hotel.

Indoor viewing: Many cats are fascinated with fish aquariums. Even mechanical aquariums, with fake fish traveling across a screen, can appeal to your kitty that’s why some lodgings and hotels for cat offer this kind of entertainment.

They allow your cat outdoors, an enclosed room, crate or tunnel. Such areas allow cats to experience the sights, sounds and scents of the outside world, without allowing them to roam free.

During daily play sessions, your cat can enjoy a greater degree of intellectual stimulation and aerobic activity. In particular the hotel allow your cat to exercise her hunting instincts. Toys that resemble prey, such as rodents, are popular with cats. These toys move toward and away from them. Some cat mice and animal toys are also given.

Toys and furniture for cats are also provided by the hotel such as cat scratching post, cat trees and tower. For other products you may also visit some online stores such as activefelinesolutions.com.au

These cat hotels prioritize your preferred food and diet

They also provide nutritious meals with different selections of food depending on your feline’s diet.

You can also store your pet’s food in their kitchen and prepare the food with your instructions.

If your cat has any special diet needs, you can also discuss it with them.

“Spiritual Menu”

Some hotels go extra mile by offering “spiritual menu” to their service. This mainly provide “cat massage” and “cat psychology” to holistic pet care.

These hotels help your feline friends interact and socialize with other breeds.


Cats are mysterious animals, each with a distinct personality and habits all of their own. While cats may be affectionate, they tend to maintain a high degree of independence in when and how they relate to others; whether they chose to seek attention or to remain solitary.

These furry felines use body language almost exclusively to communicate. A cat’s whiskers convey their attitude. When they are angry or in a defensive stance, the whiskers lie flat against the face, where else, they point forward when a cat is feeling friendly and inquisitive.

Their temperament can vary with their specific breed and level of socialization. A cat that was not socialized as a kitten may present as guarded, isolative and exhibit aggressive behaviors towards other cats and strangers.

Such behaviors can be addressed using behavior modification plans. Purring is universally associated with a cat expressing contentment and happiness. However, it can also signify distress, anxiety or severe illness.

As you learn to understand your cat, you will notice that it’s “meow” has numerous pitches, each one carrying a different meaning altogether. Some may be commands, others requests or complaints. Most cat hotels offer this kind of service. Hotels have experts that provide thorough cat care for your pet. You have the guarantee that an experienced cat professional will provide the best and most comprehensive care possible.

So before you dive in and bring your feline to the nearest cat hotel, there are a few things to keep in mind. You may also like to check: Knowing Your Cat’s Mood

These are some Cat Boarding Policies of a Feline Hotel


All boarding cats are required to be up-to-date on rabies and FVRCP (distemper) vaccines. If they are not up-to-date, facilities can give them an exam and vaccinations at the beginning of their stay. This requirement for vaccinations can only be waived by a doctor after a physical examination, and only if the doctor deems it appropriate for the cat’s general welfare.

Parasite check:

All cats are checked for fleas and other parasites on arrival. In order to prevent the spread of these parasites to other feline visitors, if any sign of parasites is detected, the cat will be treated at the owner’s expense.

Male cats:

Intact (non-neutered) male cats will not be boarded unless they neuter them on their first day. They will then be kept in isolation for the duration of their stay at an extra charge.

Large cats:

Cats over 15 pounds or cats that are aggressive require two kitty condos. The additional condo will be charged at 50% of the full condo price.


Cats will not be accepted for boarding without a valid and up-to-date vaccination card for immunization against rabies, cat flu and enteritis.Vaccinations must be no longer than 15 months apart and no less than 14 days prior to check-in.
Owners must inform the facility at the time of booking of any medical history which may affect the cat’s stay including any pre-existing or recurring medical conditions.
Cats over 6 months of age are only accepted for boarding if neutered/spayed.Tick and flea medication upon arrival is mandatory. A charge for medication will be added to the boarding fees.
It is recommended that no tick and flea medication is applied at least 14 days prior to check-in.
They reserve the right to refuse admission to any cat showing signs of illness, pending veterinary advice.
And also the right to isolate your cat in a designated area separate to the boarding hotel if a contagious illness or disease is suspected. Your cat will remain in isolation until assessed by a qualified veterinary surgeon. The hotel will also contact your designated veterinary surgeon to discuss your cat’s past or current medical conditions.
In emergency situations, a local veterinary surgeon will attend to your cat on-site or your cat may be transported to a local veterinary clinic at our discretion.
In the event of non-emergency illness or injury, they will use reasonable endeavors to contact your preferred veterinary surgeon. However, if this is not possible and they’re unable to contact you or your emergency contact, any treatment deemed necessary will be carried out without your express consent by a qualified veterinary surgeon or by trained employees on-site.
Veterinary fees for treatment of your cat will be the owner’s responsibility.
Owners are welcome to supply their cat’s favorite or prescription brand of cat food for the duration of the boarding period. There will be no reduction of boarding fees in these circumstances.
They will use reasonable actions to supply and feed as instructed by the owners. However, alternative brands or suitable foods may be fed if the cat is not eating its usual diet.

If you are unable to collect your cat during the published check-out times you must either arrange a Pet Taxi or arrange for someone to collect your cat on your behalf. If neither of these options are possible you must book an extra day’s boarding for which payment will be required upon collection. Please note they cannot guarantee boarding for your cat for any extra days. If somebody other than you is collecting your cat you can inform the hotel upon check in.

If cats have not been collected within 1 week after the boarding period has expired and despite best efforts, it has not been possible for us to make contact with the owner or their emergency contact, arrangements will be made for unclaimed cats at their discretion.

So what are you waiting for? Give your feline friend the luxury and comfort she deserves while you’re out of town. Book your furry baby in a Cat Hotel.

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