The Stunning Spotted Mist

July 4, 2018

The Stunning Spotted Mist

Out of all the beautiful cat breeds in this world, there is one that for me is special and the most aesthetically pleasing. This line of feline brought about the balance of cats in their natural behavior and the comfort they share as a companion. At true-blue Aussie made pet!

These felines were named the National Cat of Australia because it is the first breed of cats to originate from the country, the Spotted Mist is difficult to find in other parts of the world, though some breeders have tried to introduce the breed to the United Kingdom. There are very few registered Australian Mists in the United States, and there aren’t any breeders there either.

The Spotted Mist is a breed with a really great personality that any cat lover will adore. Visit Cat Breeds to know more about your Australian Mist Cat.

The Spotted Mist Cat Breed History

The Spotted Mist (now known as the Australian Mist), were developed to be indoor cats by Dr Truda Straede in the mid-seventies. Over nine years, she bred the best parts of other breeds - half-Burmese, and a quarter each Abyssinian and Australian Domestic Tabby - and the Spotted Mist was officially recognized in Australia in 1986.

Once the marbled pattern was introduced, the breed saw its name change. Two pregnant females were imported to the UK in 2007, followed two years later by six more males and pregnant females. In 2011, Mists were accepted for showing by GCCF and there are hopes that the breed will soon achieve Championship status, once the number of cats with merits has grown.

These medium-sized cats have a round head, large, expressive green-colored eyes, big ears, short coat and plumpy-furred tail.

The Australian Mist Cat is classed as Group 3 (AUM) by the Australian Cat Federation (ACF). It described this breed of feline stunning because they stand out that they are often the ones to win the cat shows and has many Diamond Double Grand Champions awards to its credit. They are lively, fun-loving, relaxed, tolerant and affectionate.

Their Physical Characteristics

The shape of the Australian Mist generally is like that of a well-balanced domestic cat. They are sporting a coat that is short but dense and soft similar to a Burmese cat. Their pattern is made up of darker spots on a lighter, ‘misted’ ground. The colour of the spots determines the colour of the cat as the background colour is always very subtly a creamy, mushroom shade. The colours of Australian Mist cats that were already named are brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, gold and peach.

Who is the Best Human To An Australian Mist Cat?

Their behavior at home

These cats are laid-back which will happily fit into its owner’s routines and household arrangements. Originally bred specifically to be indoor cats, Australian Mists are ideal pets for people who live on their own, owners with disabilities and the elderly.

However, cat parents should be aware of the Australian Mist’s tendency towards over-eating, not least because their above-average intelligence means that they are very good at finding their way into food storages and even refrigerators. Some Australian Mist owner have reported having to install child locks in order to keep their felines away from the food, but this is really the only area in which this breed’s ingenuity is a drawback.

An ideal breed for a first-time cat owner, the Australian Mist has plenty to recommend it to anyone who wants a cat which will enjoy interacting with all members of the household.

They are very well behaved and their intelligence is often put to good use. They’re playful and often persuade their owners to play fetch with a ball of paper or with their toys. Given that they are the best cats to enjoy playtime with, Get them the best cat toys in the market. You can visit online stores like for all the cat toys you both need. And if you want a lap cat, then a Spotted mist is for you! This feline is an even-tempered cat that is very tolerant of being handled. Even as tiny kittens, they love to curl up with their humans. A Mist owner can expect a lifetime of purrs and cuddles from a loyal and loving kitty.

These cats were bred to be indoor-only cats and it is advised that new spotted mist owners don’t allow their cats to roam outside. Although they are not that inclined to scratch, They still have that urge to do scratching as part of their nature as cats. It’s better to provide them scratching posts (see also: Cat Scratching Tree Post Scratcher Pole Condo Gym Toy Furniture Multilevel) to put indoors, or scratching board (like:Hi-Lo Pet Scratching board with Dual Ark Position).We get them easily at online stores like

There are too many dangers outside, one of which is the likelihood of them being stolen as they are so friendly. Many cat parents cat-proof their gardens and supervise their cats outside, or build a pen where Mists can enjoy the sunshine and watch the birds. Mists can also be trained to walk on a harness. Many enjoy being taken out this way.

Health and Life Expectancy

These cats is known to not be prone to any genetic or hereditary illnesses, in large part because the foundation stock was bred with domestic cats as well as purebred in order to ensure “hybrid vigor.”

With that in mind, a well-cared-for indoor-only Australian Mist can live 15 years or more.

Keeping Your Australian Mist Healthy And Clean

This breed of cat will eat most of the best and good quality proprietary brands of cat food, but will also definitely enjoy a bowl of cooked chicken, ham and meat. But be careful because cows’ milk will probably give them an upset stomach, and a bowl of water should always be ready. Their eyes and ears should always be checked and kept clean by a clean damp cloth if necessary. They need little grooming as they have very short glossy coats and can normally be kept free of loose hairs simply by stroking.

Some of the lighter coloured Australian Mist cats have been known to develop skin allergies.

Gingivitis can be a concern too, so make sure you provide your cat with good quality dry and soft food. You can have their teeth cleaned twice yearly by a veterinarian. This breed can be prone to weight issues so make sure that you monitor their food intake and encourage them to exercise!

Other health problems that this cat might be susceptible to include tapeworms, eye problems and feline lower urinary tract disease.


No special diet is required for the Australian Mist cats except you should provide them with a well-balanced diet and bearing in mind that Australian Mists do not tolerate carbohydrates. Some days you have a choice of what type of cat food to feed your cat – raw, dry or canned. And like all cats, it is important to keep the Australian Mist cat well hydrated by providing fresh water daily.

Australian Mists mostly eat meat and the variety of it. Don’t forget that when you’re trying to decide which food your Australian Mist should eat. If you don’t adhere to this, your Australian Mist may reject your food offerings. By giving him non-meat based foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy, nuts, seeds, etc., you will have difficulty getting your new Australian Mist to eat.

Australian Mists are closely related to the largest of cats — tigers, lions,and cheetahs, etc. Keep that in mind when feeding your Australian Mists. They don’t eat the same way humans and dogs do. They are very strict as it pertains to nutrition and owners must always take that into consideration.

The difference between how these breed of cats eat, they need to eat a lot of meat for protein and fat.It’s not uncommon for owners to feed their Australian Mists like they treat their dogs, who can eat a variety of different foods and stay healthy. In fact, dog food is deadly to Australian Mists over time because it fails to meet their nutritional needs and it’s often overloaded with too many carbs, which Australian Mists can’t process properly.

Often, when you see an oversized domestic Australian Mist it’s because he was forced to eat a diet high in carbohydrates. Too many carbs over an extended period also puts them at risk of diabetes. The long and short of it is that Australian Mists must avoid carbohydrates at all cost. Visit Cat Nutrition for more interesting and helpful facts about your cat’s diet.


Australian Mist cats have moderate amounts of energy which can be burned through in interactive play. They love playing games with their humans, like chasing their toys or catching feathers on a string.

Take them with you during your morning jog routine as they can easily be trained in a harness and lead. As witty cats, They also need some mental simulation aside from physical exercise. Cat trees, puzzle feeders and box castles are best to give to these felines. One example of a cat tree best for Australian Mists is shown that you can get from online store (

What It’s Like To Have An Australian Mist As An Animal Companion

Australian Mists loves to be around people and gets along well with everyone, from toddlers to the elderly. Their relaxed and easygoing temperament makes them a good choice for showing and even walking on a harness. They have sharp intellect, curiosity, and a funny disposition that they inherit from their abyssinian ancestors . As a kitten, They will be adorable and witty, but as they mature they will calm down and develop into full-fledged “lap fungus” personality.

Because Australian Mist are such people-oriented felines, they may find it hard if left alone for days or long periods of time, so if you’re going away from home most of the time, get them their best feline friend. Also, Australian Mists get along well with other animals and with proper introductions, your Mist can be buddies with just about any pets. Read more interesting facts about Australian Mist Cat.

What Else Should You Take Into Consideration Before You Bring Home An Australian Mist Cat?

The Australian Mist is a breed of cat that does not handle new environments well at first. It will be reluctant when it is first brought to a new environment. All you have to be is patient and give them the liberty to know the new surroundings, introduce them to the members of the household one by one.

If you suffer from cat allergies you might want to think it well enough if you really wanted this breed or you may consider other cat breeds because Australian Mists can also be prone to allergies for humans.

If you live in a location where your cat cannot roam free on their own, you can definitely train the Australian Mist to go for a walk on a lead.

Since these cats are trained to be mostly indoors. Make sure you develop a safe and enclosed outdoor space for your Australian Mist cat, where they can enjoy playing outdoors while protected from any dangers at the same time. You will be able to have a happy, adorable, friendly, stunning and adventurous cat without worrying about their safety, where they are or when are they coming back.

This lovely breed is stunningly beautiful and at the same time has a sweet and friendly temperament – making it the ideal pet for any cat lover.

Is The Australian Mist Cat The Best Feline Friend For You?

Australian Mists are best on human companionship and also get along with other cats that’s why they make the ideal family cats. They can be fond of water and quite like splashing about in the bath. They adapt really well to indoor living, but will appreciate a safe outdoor environment so they can nap in the sun and keep a sharp eye on the local bird life. They’re curious and playful, most of the time poking around in whatever you’re doing just to be a part of it. If you’re looking for a serious feline companion, then an Australian Mist could be the perfect cat for you!

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