Top 10 Must Have Cat Toys

June 11, 2018

Top 10 Must Have Cat Toys

Cats will continue to be a pet favorite for many people. So.. Why not spoil your cat even more by getting them some fun toys to play with, specifically ones designed especially for cats? After all, you cannot be attending to them round the clock and sometimes it pays to have a good distraction keep them occupied while you can do your own work in peace. But as we already know, cats can be hard judges of the gifts you buy them. So assessing the personality and preference of your feline is a key part of the homework to do before selecting the best available toy for it.

.. But will the toy itself perform as expected? To answer that, we really need to take an in-depth look at the modern market and work out the performance of each item based on its reviews, ratings, and other fragments of information. But all that can be fairly tedious to do which is why we have already done it for you. If you want to introduce more fun into your cat’s life, the following 10 items are worth checking out. Read more at Cat Toys to help you decide the toys that you will be give to your beloved feline.

1. Scratcher Cat Toy

Daily life with your cat is a tender and loving experience. That said, however, there is no shortage of situations where your cat could simply drive you nuts.

One of the most common example is when your cat decides to sharpen their claws on whatever prized furniture lying around within their reach. Although your cat may find it utterly satisfying, those claw marks will be an ugly sight to behold on any expensive upholstery or woodwork. But can a toy solve the problem? If there was ever one that could, it would be a Scratcher cat toy.

Scratching pad/toy is a perfect substitute when your cat desperately needs to sink their claws into something. Look for Scratchpads that is intelligently made using renewable materials, durable, eco - friendly and the kind that will remain attractive and useful for year. I breezed through multiple sites and found activefelinesolutions where they offer scratching toy/mats that will surely encourage your cat to scratch it in substitute of your precious cushioning and wood furniture.

Cats have a natural urge, time and again, to scratch things. This is necessary for them to keep their claws sharp and in working order. Responsibility extends to even the most elementary items like cat toys. When shopping for your scratchpad/toys keeps in mind that scratching is a basic natural instinct of a feline.

2. Mice Cat Toys

How to play with your cat with a cat toy mouse? Most cat owners, will simply let their cat play with a cat toy mouse on its own, however, that is not the best way to go around it. Some cats will get bored with the cat mice and will not know what to do with them once they’ve shoved them across the floor a few times. You must learn more tricks to keep bringing challenge to your cat.

Most cats and kittens love to play with toys. Mice Cat Toys (see: Sungpunet Pack of 5 Furry Kitten Mouse Cat Toys with Feathers and Hair-amazon) helps to provide your feline friend with fun, exercise and stimulation that help to satisfy your cat’s natural instincts. These types of toys indeed bring variety to your cat’s life, relieving boredom and encouraging his curious and playful character. Cat toys are available in various shapes, sizes, textures and characters to keep your cat amused for hours.

3. A Wand Toy

Yes! Cats love chasing things that move, but sometimes Mom and Dad just don’t have the energy to run around waving and dangling things. This situation calls for the next best thing: an electronic cat toy. Whether it’s a mouse that zig zags along the floor or a contraption that spits out moving lasers, your cat is sure to go crazy trying to stalk and chase their electronic prey. All while you relax with a glass of wine on the couch.

With wand toys, you can make the “prey” crawl, climb, or fly through the air, to your kitty’s delight—and the manipulator of the prey’s action (you) is far enough away so that the prey’s movements seem autonomous. In fact, since the toy bug, bird, or burrower is attached to a string and is usually light enough to be affected by air currents and tiny obstructions on the ground, there is a degree of randomness to its actions.

Although our cats are too smart to mistake a toy moth or mouse for the real thing, the life-like actions of the toy prey, which you indirectly control through the wand, stimulate their hunting instincts and inspire them to put on their thinking caps. Fake prey generates real play!

By the end of the day keep wand toys hidden and inaccessible to your cat when not in use. In addition to making the toys seem fresher when they are reintroduced into play sessions, feathers and small objects attached to wand toys may have sharp or extractable parts that are dangerous for cats unless used under supervision.

4. Peek and Play Toy Box

This wooden box will stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instincts and keep them engaged for hours with this fun hide and seek play box. Hiding toys inside for the cat to find. With the help of this toy you cat will engage its mind and body, keeping it physically and mentally sharp. You can add catnip to bring out your cats predatory instincts, and its ease of use makes it one of the must have cat toys.

You may have just seen the likes of this one being featured in viral cat videos on the internet partly because its mechanism can be rather amusing. He actual toys can even be rotated to make it all a little more fun. Playing with it will help improve your cat’s senses, reflexes, and predatory instincts.

5. Tower of Tracks

This is one of the must have cat toys if you have multiple cats, as it easily engages three cats at once. The Tower of Tracks (see: Track Tower, Legendog Cat Ball Toy Detachable 3 Layers Interactive Toy Track Toy for Pet Cats Kitten) features three levels, each with different colored balls. This is enough to keep even the most curious cats engaged for days on end. You can easily get them on online stores like activefelinesolutions.

Your kitty will never lose another ball under the couch with the triple play disc Toy. With three exciting levels, this interactive toy encourages extended playtime as the colorful balls spin and roll around and around. It’s great for multiple-cat households and independent play because it lets cats enjoy an action-packed afternoon even when you’re not at home. The stacked play station is built to last and features non-skid pads so it won’t move about as your kitty plays.

6. Senses Play Circuit

The play circuit and its peek-a-boo track let your cat see the ball as well as chase and swat at it. It encourage them to use both mind and body and have fun at the same time. The ball itself uses a special color combination and pattern to attract a cat’s attention. And when your cat has finally gotten familiar with the circuit, you can change the layout completely to keep things interesting. You can purchase more of these tracks separately

We know that cats can be among the bossiest, most ungrateful critters on earth sometimes but to those that have one, they can do no wrong. And sometimes, getting them the best available cat toy is all that really matters. Here is one that will really spoil yours.

7. Home Curious Cat Cube

The cushioned bed topper with stuffed bolsters is ideal for elevated lounging, while the inside offers luxurious, synthetic sheepskin bedding for a peaceful, private hideaway. When your cat is in the mood to play, he can lie inside, play peekaboo, and paw at friends through the hide and seek cut-outs, providing hours of engaging fun. See also: Cat Tree Scratcher TUBU 72cm - BROWN.

8. Fun Cat Tunnel

Cat tunnels are great because their simple design serves multiple functions. For shy cats, cat tunnels can provide a concealed pathway across a normally exposed and daunting room. For high energy kitties, they offer a pathway for running and hiding and can provide the perfect launching pad for a sneak attack. They’re also great for private naps. With multi-path options available, cat tunnels aim to please.

Aside from helping to keep a cat both entertained and engaged, a good cat toy also keeps it amply distracted from household items. Having a high amount of energy is good but not ideal if you have no place to focus it on. Once a cat has stepped inside and begun exploring, there is really no stopping it. As an owner, you will not have to worry about them running off anywhere else.

9. Wall-Mounted Cat Furniture

Cats love jumping on things and observing the world from high places. And humans like preserving their floor space for people things. Wall mounted cat furniture is a win-win for everyone, providing kitty with interesting new heights to explore and you with more floor space to work with. With tons of impressive designs to choose from, you’re sure to find something that actually looks great too. For more ideas about designs for your home you may want to have a copy of this: Cat Tree Builder Pro: Cat Furniture Construction Plans.

Everybody knows that cats like to climb on things. They enjoy the occasional time spent in a tree if it’s an outdoor cat but, most often, they like to climb the furniture and to sit on shelves. Cats are very curious and like to explore. It’s why they always seem to be attracted by everything’s new. They also like their privacy so they enjoy having a space of their own. Of course, cats also love to play. So why not make your cat happy and combine all the activities she/he likes in a project that you’ll also love.

10. Cat Tree Scratcher Play House

Cat trees increase the vertical space a cat can use, keeping them off your bookshelves. They’re particularly great for introducing into homes with multiple kitties that may not be the best of friends.

Cat trees allow them share an area without being side by side, reducing the probability of conflict. They can also create a sense of safety for cats who prefer to not to be the center of attention.

Cats love to scratch at things, particularly wood, and that can be a real problem if you have got any high-priced wood furnishing lying around at home. The solution, of course, would be to find a toy that can act as the ideal substitute for your cat to scratch and sharpen their claws on that does not cost quite as much. Check-out online stores like activefelinesolutions for some scratching posts you may want to choose.

Cat Tree Scratcher play House product that goes way beyond satisfying your cat’s scratching needs.

This thing also works as a place for fun, exploration, exercise, and relaxation. That is enough of a distraction to spare your furniture and drapes from those naughty paws and claws. It does not exactly come cheap but you do get a lot for your money. It is quite a large cat house, even able to contain a staircase by which your cat can go up and down. There are two cat dens, one at the bottom and one on top although we reckon that a can would favor the latter position more often than not. If you want to know more what is the best toys for your precious cat? please visit Cat Pets.

Playing with your cat has never been more fun! It is very important to give your cat mental and physical stimulation to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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