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Tackling The Coolest Queries About Cat Behavior And Quirks

Welcome! On this page, we'll be talking about some of the most common and not-so-common questions and concerns that cat parents everywhere may have about their feline companions.


Why is my female cat suddenly affectionate and she is spaded?

There could be several reasons why a spayed cat suddenly becomes more affectionate. It could be brought about by hormonal changes following the procedure, leading your cat to seek attention. It could also be fueled by the need for comfort and reassurance after experiencing a major surgery.

Another factor to take into consideration is her age. If she’s a young kitten that’s going through maturity, the procedure might have also caused some minor changes to her hormones, which is just part of her development.

As your cat begins to acclimate to their state, she will eventually level out and become calmer.

How much do cats understand?

According to multiple studies conducted into the intellectual and psychological capabilities of house cats, felines score highly in terms of problem solving, planning, and emotional processing. They are just as capable of following orders and being trained as dogs with the right approach. In terms of how much they can really understand, cats have a relatively good grasp of their surroundings, their owner’s mood, and even context during complex situations.

In short, cats can understand a lot.

What are the common personality difference between neutered male and female cats?

According to multiple studies that looked into the matter, personality differences between male and female cats are negligible whether they have been neutered or spayed. While many owners might argue that males are more affection than females, pet experts have never been able to confirm this in tests.

In general, cats will have their own individual personalities regardless of their gender. This is also the case once they are neutered or spayed.